Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Party Cast

What is a Murder Mystery?

Our Murder Mystery is a live-action role-playing game featuring varied stories and themes for your enjoyment. Many groups center their event around a catered or potluck dinner. This can be fun among friends and family, a team-building exercise for business, or anything else you fancy. Participants should arrive and stay in character throughout the event to maintain the magic and mystery of the setting.

Booking Structure

Pricing is between $50 and $150 depending on whether you choose a hosted or unhosted event (see below), plus at least one night’s full mansion rental

  • We offer hosted and unhosted events depending on the needs of your group:
    • Hosted – a fee is assessed for games hosted by our professional experienced hosts, which includes the cleaning and material fee – this helps ensure smooth game-play for your event
    • Unhosted – a fee is asked to cover cleaning and game materials for your group or party

Game Play

Most Murder Mystery campaigns are designed for 8-12 players. The game organizer (you) will choose characters for each of your guests and send them the associated cards, which will help them prepare costumes and attitudes in advance of game night.


Our Murder Mystery venue is the renowned historic Norton Mansion, located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. It is the perfect setting for a fun night of role-play packed with suspicion and villainy. We have many campaigns available and ready for play now.