Murder Mystery Scenario

Thanks to the folks at MyMysteryParty, we have a growing list of scenarios available for play at our Phoenix Murder Mystery Mansion. See below for details on each. Our professional hosts are available for your event to help ensure smooth game-play, but you are also welcome to host your own and even bring your own scenarios if you are interested in a different theme. To make an appointment, please see our Booking page.

Murder Behind the Mirror

An indiscriminate group has received invitations to a mysterious affair called the Nevermore Gala. All anybody knows is that it will be an unforgettable bash held behind the mystifying Mirror of Daebub – an ancient relic that was recently purchased by one of Manhattan’s elite at an exclusive art auction. Nobody knows the reason, but the tycoon had second thoughts about his purchase and sold the magical mirror to an unknown buyer in the town of Nevermore – over two-thousand miles away. You’ve received an invitation to this cryptic social event of the year. Will you have the nerve to take a step into the mirror and face what lurks behind? This is where your story begins.

Murder on the Boardwalk: A 1920's Mystery

It is 1927, and the mob scene is prospering in major cities across the United States with rum running, loan sharking, protection rackets, speakeasies, and gaming halls. In order for the underground to reach supremacy as a unified crime faction, crime bosses from Atlantic City, New York City and Chicago have agreed to establish The Commission during a gathering known as the Atlantic City Conference. The Commission is set to be a governing body that will oversee all mob organizations in the country. Various opinions have been made known on how The Commission should be run, and who will be the boss of all bosses. Some high ranking officials are adamantly against the idea, which has led to preemptive hostility. Nonetheless, the crime bosses have agreed to conduct themselves with integrity at the conference. An unbreakable truce has been put into effect.

Nuggy Jones from Atlantic City has agreed to host the conference at his residence and place of business, the Karlton Ritz Hotel on the Boardwalk. Mobsters from the biggest families will be arriving in Atlantic City very soon. This is where your story begins…