Weddings & Private Events

Weddings and Private Events

Think of all the possibilities...

The Norton Inn, built circa 1895, has been revitalized to bring nostalgia to the guests and allow them to experience a mansion with a lot of history. Our spacious venue can host up to 125 guests. If you have a special event request, please communicate that to us on our Booking page. We will provide detailed information and do our best to accommodate.

The Norton Inn also sponsors local vendors, caterers and craftspeople. Click here for more information.


Private Events


Private Event

Sponsored Vendors

The Norton Inn sponsors certain vendors for recommendation to clients interested in hosting weddings, quinceañeras, and private events. We believe in building relationships with local caterers and craftspeople. If you would like to be added to our list, please submit your information on our Sponsored Vendors page. If you would like to use our sponsored vendors, be sure to ask when booking.